The next generation could bring about a lot of changes, and we're not just referring to a graphical upgrade.

More player freedom and customization will be the order of the day, and that will likely apply to all genres. The fighting category enjoyed a resurgence this generation and in looking ahead Street Fighter guru Yoshinori Ono says the next-gen enhancements will be dictated by the fans .

"But really the ultimate goal would be to have the players themselves create their own characters to some degree. We call it user created content, or user created design.

So in that case it would be like, the Ryu that Yoshinori Ono made is the best, or the Ryu that other guy made sucks. If we could have that interaction between the fans: I've created this great character so why don't you come try it, or that guy's character he made isn't so good. Why isn't it that good? If we can get that back and forth between the community and create more dialogue and interaction within the game, that would be the best case scenario."

Basically, Ono concluded that "it comes down to the ideas and information we have now and the requests of the fans." He added that they'll need some time because of course, you need a great deal of time to make a game, especially when new hardware is involved. One new feature you might see in a next-gen fighter is the ability to damage the opponent's clothes; you know, rip 'em right off…

""So maybe the guy's clothes could get ripped off during the fight. Chun-Li would be like, 'Oh no!'"

Hmm…the possibilities could result in an "M" rating even without any blood.