Team Bondi's implosion after the successful release of L.A. Noire was well-documented. It got so bad that most employees disappeared and there was even an official investigation into the working environment, which had been described as downright awful by certain ex-staffers.

And yet…despite all that…they're back.

The developer's website has been updated with information on their new project, Whore of the Orient , which is being prepped for next-generation consoles and PC.

Now, we knew KMM Interactive Productions, the Australia-based multimedia firm to which many ex-Team Bondi employees fled, had picked up the rights to Whore of the Orient and now, it seems Warner Bros. is involved, too. Their logo can be seen on the Team Bondi website…so does that mean Rockstar/Take-Two won't be publishing this game (as they did with L.A. Noire )? Will it be handled by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment?

We can't be sure just yet but we do know the developers are hiring, so that's good news. The title will put players into 1936 Shanghai, which is "the most corrupt and decadent city on the planet" during that time period. Kuomintang forces are trying to stop the spread of communism while a group of Western authorities are attempting to keep the peace. We're not sure what role we'll play, but it certainly sounds intriguing.

And will we see that awesome MotionScan technology that was on display in L.A. Noire ? Or is that Rockstar's property somehow? Oh, we have lots of questions…let's hope more info arrives soon.

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