It was recently confirmed that Team Bondi is still working on Whore of the Orient , which is now set for the next generation.

And now it seems Videogamer has gotten their hands on some leaked gameplay. The footage comes from a "trusted sources" and features a chase through crowded city streets, some hand-to-hand combat (with a karate style), and a bit of gunplay.

The Australian government gave the team $200,000 to assist with the project, but they still need a publisher. Whore of the Orient writer and director Brendan McNamara ( L.A. Noire ) says this game will boast "one of the great untold stories of the 20th century." Well, maybe it will, but we're hoping this footage is very early on in development…you may notice the dude who just stands out in the open five feet from you, shooting a handgun. And of course, it's not lookin' all that special, either, as the character detail is minimal.

But the game is a long ways off, and we have tremendous faith in the team that brought us L.A. Noire .