News of the upcoming God of War has been fairly slim. We’ve had a couple good trailers and whatnot but otherwise there isn’t much information about the release of the game. That is until recently when eagle eyed twitter user Wario64 spotted something rather interesting.

The God of War page on the U.S. Playstation store was updated recently and had a release date for March 22nd, 2018. March seems like a fair time for this game to come out. The only thing that throws this whole thing off is that the date lands on a Thursday and frankly, games don’t usually come out on Thursdays.

It’s possible someone may have screwed up and entered the wrong date or entered the date for something else entirely. The next day the date was changed to December 31st, 2018, which is an obvious placeholder (well, I hope it is anyway). But why bother changing it at all?

While I’m not sure a Thursday is the day for it, March seems like a good time to release it. Horizon helped bring in the first part of this year when it released at a similar time. Plus, Amazon in the UK has a release date for the official God of War art book which happens to be March 15th. It stands to reason that March would be a good month.

Here’s hoping we get a legitimate release date for God of War this weekend at The Playstation Experience. It would be a good time to announce it. As well as a good time to announce a collector’s edition. Because my wallet isn’t already strained enough already.