Earlier this year The Inpatient was announced for PSVR and was originally intended to come out later this month. Unfortunately we’ll have to wait just a little longer to delve into the world of Until Dawn. It’s been delayed until January 23rd of next year (you might notice another VR title is delayed as well).

This isn’t such a bad thing necessarily though. I figure if a game gets delayed so that they can make sure it’s of good quality then by all means go for it. Until Dawn was a fantastic game that used the choices you made in a clever way. I’m sure Supermassive Games has some great ideas for the Inpatient.

The Inpatient takes place 60 years before the events of the first game in a very iconic place from the series: Blackwood Sanitorium. While the place was more or less abandoned when you come across it in Until Dawn, The Inpatient takes place in the 50’s which is when the hospital is in it’s heyday. I can’t talk too much about what is probably there though as that might spoil the previous game.

You don’t have to have played Until Dawn to enjoy The Inpatient though. While it does tie to the original game, it has original characters and a new (old?) story. Either way, go for it Supermassive. Make this game awesome. Now to find myself a VR headset…

Are you disappointed? Is this a game you would consider getting a PSVR for?