Horizon: Zero Dawn came out earlier this year to great appraise. It’s all well deserved too, Horizon is one of the best games of the year. If you haven’t already played it (and why not? For shame.) you’ll have a good reason to get in on the good stuff in December with the Complete Edition.

Announced a few days ago , this new Horizon package is going to have everything that has been released thus far. Including the upcoming DLC The Frozen Wilds. Along with the base game and the story DLC you will also get a theme, outfits, weapons, and a digital artbook. Although, I have to say I’m still a bit disappointed the art book isn’t a physical product.

The great thing about this is the price. The Complete Collection is going to be $50 which is kind of a steal when you think about it. That is if you haven’t already bought the game. The base game costs the same as of now and the digital deluxe edition (that you can also buy now) includes all the aforementioned DLC minus the The Frozen Wilds which is $60.

When The Frozen Wilds comes out you’ll be able to get that for $20 ($15 if you’re a plus subscriber). Basically, if you wanted to get the same content that comes with the Complete Edition now, you’ll have to fork over close to $80. $50 or $80? Hmmm….

The target market here is obviously newcomers. It’s a smart way to bring in gamers that haven’t already played it and it’s also a good way to stay on the radar for game of the year stuff which is just around the corner.

The point here is that if you haven’t jumped on board yet, December 5th might be a great time to get into the game. I can promise you won’t regret it. It’s a fantastic game and will not disappoint. But if you already have the game and the DLC then just pick up The Frozen Wilds when it’s released in November.