This day marks a pretty special day for The Last of Us fans. In this post apocalyptic world September 26th marks the critical day of the infection. Naughty Dog has been celebrating the game on this day by offering cool stuff from The Last of Us and this year includes items that are about the second game.

As announced over at the Playstation blog, starting today three new items will be available celebrating the upcoming The Last of Us Part II. First is a new poster that looks pretty cool and is only available until Friday. They used the same artist as last year as well.

You can also buy a new shirt from the Playstation gear store that says The Last of Us Part II on it. And last but not least you can purchase a new PS4 theme that is based of the reveal trailer from the Playstation Experience.

These are really cool and all but where some more news on TLOU Part II? I mean I’m all for celebrating an awesome game and all that but I’m pretty sure people are clamoring for some news about the actual game. I guess I can’t complain too much. These items are actually pretty cool. Especially that theme. Maybe we’ll get some soon. Either way happy Outbreak Day! I think.