If you’ve been eagerly gripping your controller, hoping to play a battle royale themed game some day, your wait may finally be over. Epic Games announced its zombie tower defense IP Fortnite will release its Battle Royale mode free to play for PS4, Xbox and PC on September 26th.

Expect to be dropped from floating school buses and hunkered down in makeshift cover as you fight to be the last man standing in this PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds inspired game. The game mode features fast paced action resembling Battle Royale contender H1Z1 in terms of looting and combat speed, however Fortnite’s building mechanics have been added into the mix, allowing players to build fortifications on the fly. Players are also able to destroy much of the buildings they come across meaning nowhere is truly safe to hide.

Fortnite went into paid early access in July 2017 and expects to release as a free to play title in 2018. It arrived on mixed reviews with some critics praising the whimsical art style and extensive building features, yet bashing its lack of depth, repetitive action and emphasis on gambling for better gear. This news did not deter Epic Games from adding more variety for fans to choose from. Fortnite’s Battle Royale gained the attention of existing fans and popular streamers alike. Though many of those streamers have returned to PUBG and H1Z1, Fortnite’s Battle Royale still entertains over 2,000 viewers on Twitch, leaving its base game counterpart with only a few hundred viewers to spare.

Not everyone was happy with this release, though. PUBG developer Bluehole recently addressed Epic Games about the similarities their respective games share. Bluehole added that “further action” may be taken if Epic Games continues to develop its spin off, however there is no real basis for these threats. Epic Games plans to continue development for Battle Royale, offering squad matches and supply drops upon release. Cosmetic gear will be offered further down the line and will be available via microtransactions.

Are you going to get Fortnite Battle Royale at launch, or do you think it’s just another PUBG wannabe? Let us know your thoughts and we’ll see you on the floating bus.

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