A few days ago Capcom announced that Okami HD is coming to PS4 (and those other platforms) in December. That’s pretty cool for people that haven’t played the game yet. This is the third incarnation of this game however. Two of which are both named Okami HD.

The original Okami released in 2006 on PS2 to critical acclaim. It’s known for unique painting gameplay and beautiful art. The HD version was released on PS3 in 2012 with some updated graphics. And now we’re getting a new version that brings back the playable mini games for the loading screen (they were removed in the PS3 version) and 4k support.

The game was really cool and it’s actually aged quite well. But do we really need another HD remaster?  I mean there has already been one. This new HD version is essentially the same as the PS3 version. I’m actually having a bit of a personal conundrum with this news. My first reaction was “why?”. Maybe I’m not the only one. I hope.

I have the original Shadow of the Colossus and I have the HD version of Shadow and ICO and I plan on buying the PS4 remake that’s coming soon. As I’m sure plenty of other people are. So I guess I can’t complain too much. These two games are both going to have three versions of pretty much the same game. The only difference being that the PS4 version of Shadow is an actual remake while Okami is pretty much the same as the PS3 with some minor differences.

Maybe that’s what it is. Maybe that’s why my initial reaction was a bit blase. On the other hand this is a good opportunity to check out Okami if you haven’t already. At the end of the day it is a really good game.

Either way you can play another HD version of Okami on Dec. 12th. Pretty painting and all.