It seems like the 80’s aesthetic is pretty big right now. TV shows especially have picked up on the decade and they are pretty popular. Most recently Stranger Things was a big hit and even 13 Reasons Why used some older technology as it’s centerpiece. What does this have to do with a little game called Crossing Souls? This game is soaked with 80’s aesthetic.

Crossing Souls takes place in California in the year 1986 and like some other movies in the same time period, follows a group of kids as they go on an adventure they won’t soon forget. They uncover an artifact that starts mixing two plane of existence; life and death. As you can see in the video you’ll be able to see scenes (and interact) from the different time periods.

Gameplay is action adventure style game with a paint of pixel art. You control one of five characters who all have different abilities. There should be plenty of secrets, puzzles, and enemies to fight. What really bring this altogether are the cutscenes which look like an 80’s cartoon.

Although the developers Fourattic had a successful kickstarter, this game was pretty much guaranteed to release successfully since they have publisher Devolver Digital also backing them up. These guys have a ton of games under there belt and Crossing Souls is definitely in good hands. There isn’t any release date as of yet.

Even with the awesome 80’s aesthetic aside, Crossing Souls does look like it will be a lot of fun to play. The story looks intriguing and gameplay seems to be interesting. We’ll see as more news comes out.