Well, here is an interesting surprise for those PS1 folks out there (we're getting old). Announced with a brief trailer earlier today, Square Enix’s Collective Program is bringing back the 2000 release of Fear Effect: Reinvented which includes upgraded graphics and controls. Although there isn’t any indication on release so we might be waiting awhile.

Fear Effect was horror PS1 game that came out with a cel shaded look and enhanced backgrounds that instead of being static such as on Resident Evil, were fully working 3D backgrounds. This made the fairly short game span four discs and was pretty revolutionary for the time. The game did well with critics an even received a pretty high score here on PSXExtreme back in the day.

It also boasted gameplay that was pretty different for the time but a lot of people liked. After the release of the second game (which was actually pretty racey) the possibility of a third game came about and was later dropped. Fear Effect essentially disappeared until recently.

The company Sushee recently had a successful kickstarter bring back the franchise in Fear Effect Sedna which takes place after the first game and is a tactical action game with cel shading very similar to the first one.

The new trailer for Reinvented is very short but for the fans of the game it should get them pretty excited. I’m interested to check it out even though my experience with the original game was pretty minimal. Although I do have a copy of the game. Might be time to pull it out.

What do you think of a Fear Effect remake? Do you remember Fear Effect? If so did you like the game?

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