If you haven’t already noticed, Hello Games released a new update for No Man’s Sky and it’s huge. The update includes a lot of new features for the games as well as some new visual updates. It’s pretty massive to be honest. But is it too little too late?

Most people are going to crap on this update before they even try it. I know that No Man’s Sky was a big disappointment but to be fair it is starting to become what they promised from the beginning. The features that were shown off before the game came out are finally coming to light. They have been steadily adding new features with each new update (of which there have been two major updates before this one) and on top of that it is free. Maybe it’s time to give No Man’s Sky another chance.

This newest update has quite a bit in it and it may be worth checking it out. Let’s take a look at what the update has in store for us. Keep in mind these are just brief highlights, you can get more details here .

A New Story

There is even more lore and story to discover in the game now. Apparently over 30 hours worth. Also including a new race.

Updated Galactic System

The star systems in the game got a new overhaul including the map, trading, and economy

New Planets

There are supposed to be new biomes as well as new rare biomes and planets.

Crashed Freighters

You can find crashed freighters on the planets that can be searched and are a part of the guild missions.

Guilds and Missions

These aren’t online guilds but NPC guilds. They will give you missions that you can do to raise your reputation with particular races.

Trading upgrade

Trading has new features such as different economic variables for each star system. You can also craft harvesters.

Analysis Visor

Remember that visor that you can scan plants and animals with? It’s been overhauled with a new ui and you get more rewards for scanning.

UI Update

The UI itself has been updated as well including a new screen for the missions.

Visual Upgrade

Some of the visual graphics have been updated to look better. Depth of field has been updated.


You can now change the landscape in a much more dramatic way. Both in creating and removing terrain.


There are now portals scattered about that use a combination of glyphs to allow you to travel to particular planets. These combinations can be shared. So I could share a pattern that I figured out and you could use that pattern of glyphs to travel to the same planet.

Space Fighting

Some improvements have been made so that space fighting will be more interesting. You can maneuver more and there are new weapons.

Low Flight

You can now fly much lower which makes exploration more interesting as well as the possibility of fighting on the planet. Just be careful, you can also crash your ship now.

Joint Exploration

This is the multiplayer aspect that has been added. It’s not quite like an online game yet but it never was meant to be an mmo or anything like that. You can however (finally) explore the stars together. The other players are represented by a ball of light.

New Ships

There is a new class of ships now and they look pretty good. Ship variations depend on the wealth of the system you’re in.

Other Misc.

There are a bunch of other little improvements including the ability to summon your ship from anywhere, Fahrenheit temperatures, weather, and other various improvements.

As you can see Atlas Rising is a pretty robust update and it’s fairly close to what was promised when the game was being shown. Make sure you check out the release which has a lot more detail. Pretty good for a one year anniversary of the game. But this brings me to my point.

Is it time to give No Man’s Sky another chance?

Yes, they kind of lied to everyone by showing all kinds of stuff that didn’t come out when the game was released. But it’s a year later now and they have added quite a bit to the game since it’s release. It’s definitely a lot more like what they showed off now.

Maybe it’s a good time to take the leap. I mean, is it really worth it to hold a grudge for so long? Especially after it’s obvious they are putting a lot of effort into redeeming themselves. I suppose time will tell.

What do you think? Are you going to try out No Man’s Sky again? Or jump in for the first time? Are these updates worth it to you? Or are you still mad at Hello Games?

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