Have ever thought about having the ability to fly at super speeds and the ability to shoot super energy blasts? Oh and you never die? If so, you’re in luck since you get to do all this and fight aliens in Megaton Rainfall.

The studio Pentadimensional Games started Megaton Rainfall out as a one man show a few years ago but has since grown to include some other artists to help out. In the FPS game, you play as a super powered being not unlike Superman. You can fly around at extremely fast speeds and shoot energy balls in a full sized earth. Your task is to find the alien threats around the world and destroy them. Hopefully without taking out too much of the population.

You have just as much of a chance of destroying the buildings and people you’re trying to protect as the aliens invading it. With great power comes great responsibility. Sorry. Couldn’t help myself. While you can’t die the people in the area you’re fighting in can. One misplaced shot can miss an alien threat and take out part of a building, most likely taking whoever was inside with it.

On top of flying around the world trying to save it, you can also fly into space eventually. The game even boasts being able to walk on the sun at some point. Keep in mind this is all done in first person via PSVR although there will be a regular version you can play as well. I can only imagine what that must be like flying around in VR. Ugh.