Last year Bethesda released a new updated version of the classic game Doom . With it’s fast pace, more vertical levels, and the addition of glory kills, the hellish game has done very well in the gaming community (and was reviewed well here at PSXExtreme too). The newest update includes a lot of incentive if you haven’t tried the game yet.

The aptly named update 6.66 is a pretty big update for the game. And it looks like Bethesda is looking to bring in some new blood. For starters, the update includes all the dlc from the season pass. This includes the dlc packs for multiplayer as well as the maps, guns, equipment, armor, and playable demons. While I can see this being a bit disappointing to people that bought the season pass when the game came out, this is a huge reason to get the game if you haven’t already.

The update also includes some revisions to the multiplayer aspect that, again, tailors to new players. They have drastically changed the way the progression system works. Most older players will be able to keep what they have earned over the last year but they do have the option to start all over if they so desire.

To top all this off, Bethesda is currently offering Doom for $14.99 and there is a free weekend coming up on the 27th for us Playstation owners. As you can see all this is very enticing to the player that hasn’t jumped into the game yet. If you buy the game now you’ll have all the dlc for free. Bringing more people into the fold could be a good thing for Bethesda.

Get more 6.66 update details on the Bethesda post here .