A few days ago Sony announced that PS Now, a streaming Playstation game service, now includes PS4 games and can be played on your PC. That seems cool and all but I’m not entirely convinced that it’s worth the extra money. Although the service has been improving since it was released in 2014 I still just quite get excited for it.

I tried it shortly after it was released to the world. At the time you had to pay a certain amount to stream games online for a certain period of time. Thankfully that model has been replaced by the flat fee model similar to Netflix.

It seems like PS Now has been a bit of an uphill battle for Sony. With the announcement earlier this year that the vita, ps3, and PSTV are going to be incompatible, it’s not an easy decision to try the service out.

As of right now the fees for the service are $19.99 per month (start at $9.99 if you’re a new subscriber) or $99.99 for a full year. But I’m a pretty open minded guy. Let’s take a quick look at some of the pros and cons of the service and see if it’s worth it.


A huge library of games. As of right now the service has over 500 games. And that’s actually a lot of games when you think about. Including the 20 PS4 games they just added.

Games are streamed so you don’t have to download. No more waiting for installs or anything.

Play on your pc.

All you can play subscription. When you start paying for the subscription you have access to all the games.


You have to have good internet. You’re internet has to be pretty solid to stream the games. Some people don’t have access to a good internet speed.

Not available all over the world.

Doesn’t work on Vita, PS3, or PSTV anymore. This is a huge downer for me. Playing on my Vita would be great.

Lag. You’ll have to deal with lag even if you have a good connection. That could be problematic.

You don’t own the game, although that’s debatable on digital downloads anyway.

I suppose that PS Now has the potential to be a great service. But there isn’t anything convincing me to get a subscription just yet. But the service is getting better and it’s definitely a lot more appealing then it used to be.

I think it comes down to personal factors for me. I don’t have a lot of time to spend playing games online to make the service worth the price. Plus, an extra 20 bucks a month is pushing it with my current finances anyway. This might be different for other people. Maybe I’ll give it a whirl later on down the road.

So what do you think? Is PS Now worth the price? Do you have PS Now and if you do, do you like it? What are some other pros and cons of the service?