I have noticed a little trend with Sony Bend ’s newest IP, Days Gone . There are a lot of people that are just kind of brushing it off as another typical zombie game. And I’m guilty of this myself. When they first showed the game at E3 2016 I thought it looked kind of cool and I liked the idea of having large zombie hordes to deal with, but that was about as far I got into it. As have a lot of other people it seems.

Days Gone showed up at the E3 Sony conference again this year with a new gameplay demo that showed some more interesting things about the game. We got a pretty good look at some game mechanics and using the environments. Okay, I’m a little more interested after that but part of me still thought about just brushing it off again. That is until I heard some interesting tidbits about the game and did some of my own research. It seems that Days Gone is a lot more then most people are giving it credit for.

Check out both E3 gameplay videos below if you haven’t already. I’ll be referencing both of them throughout the article.