Late into the night Bethesda finally had their conference (sucks being in Eastern time sometimes) and overall it was a pretty solid presentation but there were no big surprises. We pretty much knew what was coming including the two secret locations on their map that was leaked earlier this week and there wasn’t a new IP either. On the plus side, everything they announced is coming out this year and that’s pretty awesome. Let’s check out what they announced.

Doom and Fallout VR

Both Doom and Fallout are getting a VR treatment this year. Doom is called Doom VFR and you play as a UAC security operative that instead of getting killed along with everyone else has their consciousness transferred to a “artificial intelligence matrix”. Of course it’s up to you to fight the denizens of hell and you have teleporting abilities to move around with. It’s coming out for both PSVR and Vive so if you happen to have a VR headset this could be fun.