After creating some of the more well known horror games in recent times (Amnesia series and S.O.M.A.), Frictional Games looks to be moving away from the horror genre. At the Nordic Game Awards, creative director Thomas Grip talked to Gamereactor and let some details out about their newest projects. Yup, that’s plural.

Grip says there are two more games in the works, one that is horror and one that is not.

I think that’s a pretty wise decision on their part. Don’t get me wrong the Amnesia games are really good and scary. And I’ve heard good things about S.O.M.A. as well. I’m interested to see what else they can do. I like to see a developer expand a bit. Plus that last bit about telling very interesting story is intriguing.

The rest of the interview is actually really interesting as he discusses storytelling and narrative in games and how to connect with the player. It seems like these guys are really focusing on storytelling and narrative for their future games which is really awesome. Hopefully we’ll hear something more about their newest projects soon.

Watch the full interview below.

Do you think getting away from what Frictional Games are known for (horror) is a good idea? What did you think of their previous games?

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