It’s been awhile since we have heard from Supergiant and their new game Pyre. In case you have forgotten, Supergiant are the creators of Transistor and Bastion which were really cool and unique games. I fell in love with the narration and music of Bastion. And Transistor was interesting experience and a blast to play. Both had great artwork and pretty compelling storylines.

Pyre is a party based rpg that takes place in a land called Downside. You’ll take part in competitions called Rites. It seems like there is a lot of interesting strategy to the game. Each character has different attributes and you can add items to give your team the edge.

Another interesting new tidbit is that no matter if you succeed or fail in battle, the story continues. If you fail you don’t lose progress and you continue your journey of redemption. And you can play in versus mode as well against your friends as well.

Honestly I’m pretty sold on this game even without the extra information. Including the fact that composer of their previous games is making music for Pyre as well. The game will only be 20 bucks too. Which is a steal. On top of that if you pre order the game you get a %10 discount as well.

Either way, look forward to Pyre on July 25th. I know I am.  Check out 20 minutes of gameplay below.

What about you? Are you going to be getting Pyre when it comes out? Did you like Bastion and Transistor?

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