Earlier this week we got a little teaser of what was to come for Far Cry 5. Ubisoft had their big reveal yesterday and we learned all kinds of things about it including the story, a taste of the bad guy, and some gameplay info.

While I’ve played a little bit of Far Cry 4 and I know a little bit about 3 and Primal, this will be the first one that I’m actually super interested in. It has a setting that is compelling and relevant to today’s times. That’s not to say I don’t think highly of the previous games but my interest is definitely more piqued then it was for the other games. Anyway, let’s take a look at what we now know about Far Cry 5 .

Hope County, Montana

As we learned last week, Far Cry 5 takes place in rural America. More specifically in the fictional place called Hope County. At first you might be thinking Montana? America? But Montana is actually a pretty good place for something like this. It's very open and there are plenty of wildlife. And there are a lot of people with their own agenda there as well.

A New Bad Guy

Thanks to the last couple previous entries in the series, the antagonist has become the highlight of these games. It looks like Far Cry 5 doesn’t look to disappoint in this area either. The new antagonist is Joseph who runs the fanatic cult Eden’s Gate.

Joseph hears a voice that tells him it’s his duty to protect the people from the collapse of society. He’s a single minded individual that makes a natural leader for the cult.

All in the Family

Joseph doesn’t come alone either. He’s brought some of his family along to help lead the cult. His older brother is Jacob who is a former u.s. soldier with a grudge against the government.

Faith is the peace keeper. It’s not clear if this is Joseph’s sister or what, but her part in the cult is to pacify the cult members. To keep everyone in line.

And finally is Joseph’s younger brother, John. He’s the money maker. It’s up to him to expand the cult by buying houses around the area.

Character Customization

You’ll be able to customize your character which is a departure from the previous games. While the depth of customization is unknown at the time, we do know you’ll be able to change things such as gender, race, etc. We’ll see how much more you can do with this but it’s an interesting addition. I think it makes it a little more personal.

Local Co-op

This time you’ll be able to play the entire campaign in co-op. In previous entries it was only for side quests or entirely different co-op campaign. Again, we don’t know the details but I think it’s a welcome addition.

Release Date

Along with everything else they let us know the release date for Far Cry 5. It’s Feb 27th 2018. Before the announcement there was word floating around about a fall release. The problem is that fall is stuffed by some pretty major contenders so I think this was a wise move on their part to release it later on.


You’ll have all kinds of trucks and cars to drive around. As per usual for the series. The newest addition to the vehicles are airplanes. You’ll be able to actually fly around and get into aerial dogfights.

3 New Allies

You won’t have to face the cult all by yourself though. There are allies that will join you in the fight against Eden’s Gate.

Pastor Jerome Jeffries

A pastor that has lost his flock. If can’t be a shepard anymore, he’ll become a hunter instead.