With the PS4 Pro deemed a somewhat successful release on the market by Sony’s President, and Microsoft’s ProjectScorpio’s imminent release, I am left thinking if this could be the dawn of a new trend in home consoles.

A mid-cycle upgrade of a console is no novelty by any means; we have seen redesigns of consoles for years, with the PS family of home consoles all having a variation at some point in their generation, the Xbox 360’s much needed revision (RROD anyone?), and heck, even the Wii had its smaller version released at the end of its cycle.

One thing to note, however, is that, at least in home consoles, there never was a performance upgrade for any of the new iterations that came for each, save for internal cooling/heating upgrades and the addition/removal of ports. With the exception of the New Nintendo 3DS, the newer versions of these consoles just had some sort redesign in appearance, and that was about it. All of this could change though…

With the PS4 Pro offering improved graphics and performance, and Scorpio’s similarly expected results, we seem to be looking at something that could potentially become the new standard. If we ever get a PS5, the next Xbox and next Nintendo console, I’m willing to bet we will be treated to mid-cycle upgrades as well, and to be honest, I don’t know how beneficial that could be to the gaming industry.

As it is now, and as a proud owner of a PS4, I don’t really intend on getting its Pro version. If slightly better graphics and a few more FPS is all I’m getting, then I really don’t see a reason to put down the cash for one, if Sony keeps its word on the compatibility of future games that is. Similarly, if all Scorpio offers to potential buyers is improvements for games that can also be played on Xbox One, I can’t imagine a lot of people going crazy about forking over a few hundred dollars. Yes, I am aware that PC gamers have been doing this for years, albeit in a slightly different way, but my point stands: I see no good in getting a console that will play the same games I already have, even if they look or run a little better.

What say you? Will this be the new trend? Do you support it?