In case you missed it, Bungie had a presentation earlier today to reveal some news about Destiny 2. At about an hour long, the event showed quite a bit of footage from the upcoming sequel to Destiny which released in 2014. We got some pretty juicy tidbits today so I made a list of some of the cooler things they presented. In no particular order, here are 10 things to look forward to in Destiny 2.

1. New Weapons

We see some new weapons in some of the videos they showed today. Two notable weapons are the addition of a mini gun and grenade launcher, both of which look pretty good. Apparently there is going to be more armor as well.

2. Weapon Flexibility

Speaking of weapons, they are implementing a new weapon system that lets gives you a little more flexibility in what weapons you can have. So instead of being stuck a weapon of each type you can pick and choose the kind of weapons you can have.

3. New Supers

There are 3 new supers that you learn as you level up. It’s not clear on whether you will keep the powers from the first game or not. I’m guessing not since your save data from the first game does not carry over. Anyway, there are three new supers, one for each class.

Dawnblade is for the Warlock which has you flying in the air hurling flaming swords down at the enemy. Next is the Sentinel for the Titan. It gives you a shield that is basically a void version of Captian America. It even bounces of enemies. And lastly, is the Arcstrider for the Hunter. This one looks like a lot of fun. It’s very flashy anyway. When you use this super it summons an electric staff and with a lot of grace and agility, you twist and turn  and jump your way through enemies.

4. Clans

Destiny 2 is bringing clans to multiplayer with some neat customizing features. Some of the features include tools to help manage your clan such as in game rosters and customizable banners. Another plus is that you can join a clan in a raid without actually joining the clan. In other words you can jump in and help if you want. Which is handy for the solo players such as myself.

5. New Activities and Map

There are more then patrols this time around that you can get involved in on the map. Some of the activities include treasure hunting and dungeons. There is also a new map that shows where everything is and when it’s going to happen.

But the best part was when they announced that you can join in any of these things without going into orbit. So you can do it right then and there instead of going back to your ship. Ah that’ll be nice.

6. New Planets and New Area

Speaking of new maps the is also a new area on earth called the European Dead Zone which was cut from the first game. I think that will be neat to have something that almost didn’t happen. In addition the new planets, along with earth, are Titan, Io, and Nessus.

7. A New Beginning

At the beginning of the game the tower is attacked and eventually destroyed. The first mission is actually going through that whole ordeal and fighting against the attack. After the tower is destroyed you’ll be trying to find the game’s new villain and get revenge.

I’m a little iffy at this point. I mean, it’s a bit cliche. Your home is destroyed, you lose your powers, you go about trying to find the villain and get your revenge. Where have I heard that before?

But griping aside, I suppose since it was in the creators minds to start anew when they went about creating Destiny 2, this is as good as an excuse as any. The whole idea kind of goes hand in hand with making making Destiny 2 a true sequel and not just an add on. So ya.

8. New Crucible Additions

There are going to be some new additions to the Crucible, which is Destiny’s multiplayer PVP section of the game. There will be 4v4 versions to each mode. There will also be an actual new mode called Countdown. In Countdown your team is trying to plant a bomb in the opponents base and then guard it long enough for it to go off. That sounds fun.

A couple other neat additions are indicators that show you when other players have a super ready or power ammo which adds some interesting strategy to PVP.

9. Blizzard?

While not directly related to Playstation, Destiny is coming PC and I was pretty shocked by the last announcement they made which was that they are joining up with Blizzard for the PC edition. Not Steam or even Microsoft Games, but Blizzard. I’m not sure what that might mean for us in particular (if anything) I just thought it was a really interesting choice. It's safe to say they are in good hands though.


Destiny is putting more focus on story this time around. Which is great since the first one fell a little short in that department. It might be a bit of a cliche story, as I mentioned before, but it looks like we have some interesting characters to learn about and in spite of everything I’m interested to see how they all react to the situation. Either way, focus on story is a really good thing.

All in all I think Bungie is trying really hard to appease the fans of the game. A lot of these additions have been requested by fans for quite some time and looks like they are listening.  Which could be a good thing. Destiny 2 looks promising though. It remains to be seen how much new it’s going to feel when it actually comes out in September but it looks like a good start.

Check the full presentation below