Horizon Zero Dawn has done really well for itself. It lived up to expectations and created a really cool world filled with robotic dinosaurs and really well done story along with some great combat. And it is a beautiful game as well. It’s definitely one of the best exclusives to come out so far on the PS4. And I’d even be willing to say that Horizon will influence some cool possibilities for future open world games.

And just to punctuate how well it's done, Gamasutra released a press release a few days ago talking about how well it's done. The release states that Horizon has sold over 2.6 million units. Which is pretty impressive since it is an exclusive and was just released in February.

As if that isn’t good enough news, Guerrilla Managing Director Hermen Hulst spoke about future DLC for Horizon. Albeit without much in the way of details.

While that doesn’t really tell us a whole lot, it does tell us that they are working on some additional content for the game. Which, if you ask most that played, is really awesome. When Horizon released, it didn’t come with a season pass or announce any future additions to the game or even include multiplayer. So it was really up in the air if we were going to be getting more of Aloy and her world. Looks like that’s not the case anymore. What we are actually getting though, remains to be seen.

The world of Horizon is pretty full and lively. It wasn’t perfect, but it was memorable and the characters were pretty interesting. I think they could go several directions with the DLC content. Especially given the pretty mind blowing twist that you get to later in the game.

What would you want to see in some additional Horizon Zero Dawn content? How about an expansion on the past and how Aloy’s world came to be? Or maybe just explore more of the society that lives there now? What about beyond the boundaries of the map? Let’s hope we hear some more news soon.