Abzu is an interesting title that is coming out August 2nd. In it you play as a diver exploring a fantastical underwater environment that is very reminiscent of Journey. Which actually makes sense. Abzu is the first game from developer Giant Squid and is led by Matt Nava who was the art director for Journey.

Abzu has been in the works for quite some time and shows some promise for an interesting adventure game. You will explore underwater areas and discover secrets in the deep. Again, like Journey, you’ll probably be spending time oohing and aahing over the scenery. Which can definitely be a good thing. But there is a nice mystery underneath it all to discover.

The animals in the environment should make for an interesting experience as well. The waters of Abzu are full of life. As in there is wildlife everywhere. Schools of fish and turtles. Even sharks. Which seem to play a bigger part. The wildlife all react and move as you would expect real sealife to do. They react to each other and the player. You can even hitch a ride on some of the bigger ones.

I feel like Abzu is one of those games that is better experienced then played and that’s why I’m sharing this video with you. Thanks to the guys over at Playstation Access you can get a pretty good look at Abzu and how it’s going to feel. Personally I’m looking forward to uncovering what this game has in store for me.