Remember that fake box art for an inFamous collection on PS4?

Well there was another for Sucker Punch and a Spider-man game, which quickly took the wind out of the sails of the possibility of the best superhero game makers doing a great superhero game for spidey. This is something that Activision has been a little challenged at.

Well there's more life in the story. If you saw Spidey in Captain America Civil War as I did (awe-some!) then you know the ownership of the character has been crossing hands so why not in the video game world as well?

Gamepur reported that a motion capture artist, Stephen Oyoung, listed working on an "untitled PS4 Spider-man project" before quickly removing it from his list of credits. They also said that Sony had acquired the Spider-man rights in a deal that included some horse trading including some Call of Duty goodies.

What does this mean? Well, on the face of it, it could mean Spidey is going exclusive. But, as we can all tell at this point in this particular console war anybody who is anybody has a PS4. And if you dont, the unitard may be a reason to make the change.

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