When I did my review , I made it clear that I believed the Ratchet & Clank remake could stand with any of the best games of this generation.

But I wonder if I'm in the minority.

While definitely a remake and not a remaster, R&C has reemerged in a very different time. Now, I don't think anyone will quibble about the graphics; there's no doubt that R&C is easily one of the best-looking games ever . Anybody who says otherwise needs to get his eyes checked. Insomniac really did rebuild this classic from the ground up and the result is absolutely astounding from a visual perspective.

I just wonder if people will agree that it can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with modern games. I suppose you could argue that R&C is more of a "kid's game," in that it simply isn't as deep as most modern offerings, even those that are flat-out action. You could also say that it's not quite long enough or big enough when compared to newer titles, and despite the open environments that seemed very open back in the day, R&C now feels restrictive. I don't agree with that, either, but I imagine some people see it this way.

Before the game released, I wondered if it was capable of appealing to a new generation of gamers . Even though it turned out fantastic and I firmly believe just about every human alive would enjoy it (it really does seem that universally appealing to me), it's quite simply different . It just is. And would those who weren't playing when R&C debuted see that difference as refreshing or just…old? I don't know.

What do you think?