Okay, so Battleborn isn't a new Borderlands .

It's a promising new IP, to be sure, but fans of the award-winning franchise are anxious to hear about the next Borderlands installment, and Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford was happy to oblige during a PAX East panel.

Well, sort of. According to GameSpot , Pitchford was a little vague but he did at least confirm the existence of Borderlands 3 "Obviously, there is going to be another Borderlands," he said. But there is a big caveat to that: Whatever the next entry is, whenever it arrives, it might not actually carry the "Borderlands" title. Hmm…what else may change along with the name?

Additionally, we found out that Battleborn art director Scott Kester has the same role with the next Borderlands project, and the guy who wrote the scripts for Gearbox's Brothers in Arms games – Mikey Neumann – is penning the story. We don't know much else and it's highly unlikely that a new Borderlands , or whatever they're going to call it, will arrive in 2016.

I wonder why they'd want to ditch such a popular and recognizable name, though…