It launched last month as a standalone game on PC and now we've got a date for the PlayStation 4 version.

As announced over at the PlayStation Blog , ARK: Survival of the Fittest wll come to Sony's console on July 19.

Players can compete for cash prizes, check out the invitational tournaments, and slay a whole lot of dinosaurs. In this aptly-named Multiplayer Online Survival Arena, you "spawn naked with a group of hostile opponents" and you have to rely on your wits and cunning to see you through. You've only got a hatchet, some arrows, and maybe a few guns and explosives, so you'd best be careful!

You can also tame dinosaurs, craft armor, forge weapons, harvest resources, build bases and make friends along the way. And as they're trying to coin the aforementioned term (Multiplayer Online Survival Arena; i.e., "MOSA"), they claim this is the first such game on PlayStation 4. And in some ways, it might be an even better experience that it is on PC. No, really:

"One of the fantastic things about multiplayer console gaming is the huge pool of players all playing on the same hardware, which make things like matchmaking and competitive gameplay far more fun. This allows us to make a lot of optimizations for these players not just in terms of performance, but also in terms of gameplay; there’s no question of whether a user will be playing on lower settings for better frames per second or to remove some essential gameplay element."

Lastly, the Survivor League will also land on PS4 as well, so that means cash prizes area available for the most capable survivors each and every month. You should really check it out this summer.