Square Enix is on a mission, a mission to restore the golden age of JRPGs. Square Enix is preparing to release an new JRPG, I Am Setsuna this summer.  The game is a modern day take on the JRPG classic formula created by Tokyo RPG Factory a development studio set up in 2014 by Square Enix.

Here is what the studio says of itself;

"The studio revisits the ethos used to develop past RPGs to create a completely new RPG series, which will introduce the authentic JRPG style to current hardware using the technologies of today."

I Am Setsuna takes place in a land of perpetual Winter that is troubled by angry demons. Ancient customs dictate that a maiden must be sacrificed to appease the demons. The Demons are once again stalking the land, and it's time for them to be appeased again. Setsuna is the chosen sacrifice and embarks on a journey to the ritual site of sacrifice. Accompanying Setsuna on the journey are an un-named mercenary, a traveler called Kuon and veteran soldier named Yomi.

The game's compbat system is based on Chrono Trigger, together with a unique art style, I Am Setsuna is another JRPG launching this summer that might catch your eye. SE has a LiveStream on April 22 with gameplay and more on show.

The game releases in the west on June 28th, 2016 on PS4 and PC , and in Japan on June 30th on PS4, PS Vita and PC .  There was some uncertainty about a release on Vita in the west, it seems unlikely we will see a Vita version outside Japan.

From the sounds of things this will be an emotional journey, but ultimately a story of Sadness. Look out for I Am Setsuna this summer.

Tokyo RPG Factory has a message for gamers around the world;

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