We knew when we did the preview that it had a ton of promise.

The only downside is that despite the previous retailer rumor , we have to wait longer than anticipated to try it.

Publisher 2K Games has announced that Mafia III will release on October 7 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Developed by 2K studio Hangar 13 – and with the help of "Star Wars" veteran Haden Blackman, who directed the project – the latest Mafia entry is set in New Orleans in the 1960s. We'll play as Lincoln Clay, a mixed-race man who grew up an orphan, fought in the Vietnam War, and now faces more oppression and violence at home.

If you're interested, you should pre-order: Doing so nets you the "Family Kick-Back" DLC that will deliver three "exclusive vehicles and weapons." Plus, there will be three versions of the game; aside from the standard $60 option, you can also opt for the Limited Deluxe ($80) or Limited Collector's ($150) Edition. The former gives you the Season Pass while the big Collector's package gives the Pass as well as physical content like the game's soundtrack on vinyl, a collectible art book, art prints, and other currently unannounced items.

We also got a brand new story trailer, which you can see below. Like we said, this one has a boatload of potential!