PSX Extreme has always been home to a wide range of gamers, including many who appreciate the game experiences Japan has to offer, such as JRPGs and side scrolling shoot'em ups. Gal*Gun Double Peace edition for PS4 and Vita is an on the rails 'shooter' from Inti Creates. Inti Creates annouced earlier this year that they had found a publishing partner to localize publish in North America and Europe.  PQube in the United Kingdom is the publisher handling the game in the West. .

Hands up who remembers Time Crisis games, Space Harrier, or the classic Operation Wolf?  These games are all examples of rail shooters.  They're also highly successful, and fun arcade games that didn't take themselves too seriously. Gal*Gun Double Peace edition takes that style of Arcade game play and applies it to a very different setting. Instead of shooting enemies to kill them, you'll be targeting your fellow high school students and instead of killing them, you’ll be causing them to collapse in ecstasy.

You see, Gal*Gun's plot is simple. Our hero is an unremarkable high school student called Hodai, he has been shot an apprentice cupid angel called Ekoro.  Ekoro was trying to bring Hodai together with your true love, but things went wrong and now he’s irresistible to the opposite sex, including all the girls in your High School and the teachers. The player has to help Hodai get to his true love before losing all of his energy, if you fail, he’ll be alone forever…So better get to that true love while you can. Slight problem, all the advances of the girls now drawn to Hodai eat away at his energy, so Hodai must defend himself, in order to reach his true love in time.

Ekoro doesn’t leave Hodai helpless, and grants him the power to shoot pheromone shots with a pheromone gun that send the advancing young women into fits of ecstasy. Shoot all those girls trying to get you with your pheromone gun, and you'll get to your true love.  They'll be alright you’re firing hearts not bullets, causing the girls to collapse in ecstasy.

Gal*Gun Double Peace is a rail shooter with colorful anime style graphics high School romance, and anime cliché by the boat load. Basically it's an adolescent male's fantasy come true and features more fan service than said adolescent male thought could exist. Apparently the game play is quite good, and the fact that it is on PS4 and Vita means that is an element of touch control…

The game features multiple modes of play including Story mode, score attack and Doki Doki Mode – which is when you’ll break out the big guns apparently… There is a huge range of costume, some of course will be paid DLC. You can choose your love interest before playing and the game follows different paths and story line depending on your choice. There is also a ‘Mom’ screen that changes the display to a generic RPG just in case someone you don’t want to see you playing Gal*Gun arrives.

Gameplay Video

Take look at the game play, if you dare – NSFW, people will want to know what the noise is. It actually looks hilarious, and might make an awesome party game.

Gal*Gun Double Peace edition is available in Summer 2016 through Rice Digital, no rating from ESRB/PEGI yet, the original Japanese was rated CERO D in Japan. No specific news of where to buy in NA yet, but Amazon UK is carrying the game there. You can buy directly from Rice Digital who are PQubes primary partner with the game.

The game is priced at $65 for PS4 and $50 for the Vita version

This game will almost certainly get poor reviews from many places because it's about as politically incorrect as your average fan service heavy anime, aimed at guys, can get. I would not be surprised to see outrage at such a game even being made in the first place.  The fact is, it's an easy win for anyone wanting to make an issue out of it.

Think on this question, in a world where M rated games feature dismemberment, death, blood gore and all manner of extreme violence, how can anyone muster any outrage over a cartoon game where you shoot love hearts at girls who collapse in smiles and sighs? People will claim that it's an appalling game that objectifies young women, and is surely a threat to western civilization and morality. If photo-realistic 3D game violence doesn't affect players, then why on earth would cartoon fan service affect them?

Perhaps we should all take several steps back and see crazy fun and adolescent fantasy as nothing more than crazy fun and adolescent fantasy. I remember High school, and I don't know about you, but my mind was certainly fertile soil for fantasies of many sorts.

Mr. Happiness
Oh, one last thing. Anyone interested in this game should take a look at the collectors’ edition, Gal*Gun Double Peace Mr Happiness edition which comes with various extras including a very interesting screen cleaner…and priced at $99.99.

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