One of the most popular and recognizable fighters in the franchise's long history returns this month.

Street Fighter V will be getting a very big update this month (which follows last month's significant update ) and guess who's joining the roster?

That's right, as confirmed over at the PlayStation Blog , it's Guile, who continues his quest to find Nash and take down M. Bison. He'll be available for free later this month, and he'll remain free until the Zenny shop launches. Guile also gets his own set of Trials and Character Story, and his Battle Costume will also be free to all those who purchased the Season Pass.

Guile brings his iconic Sonic Boom and Somersault Kick into the fray, and he now has the ability to enter a crouch-walk state called "Faultless Move" that lets him maintain his charge will pressing forward. His V-Skill is the Sonic Blade, which "acts as a stationary projectile that can also juice up his Sonic Booms." Guile's V-Trigger is the Solid Puncher, where he revs up and throws out a continuous series of Sonic Booms; each button tosses a Boom at different speed, so you can control the sequencing.

Lastly, his Critical Art is the Sonic Hurricane, which is one giant Sonic Boom that completely devastates his opponent. And yeah, the classic Air Force Base Stage is back, too, and the F-16 in the background even gets a fresh coat of paint. This new Stage can be purchased in the Shop for 70,000 FM, if you're interested.

And don't forget that as previously announced , a new Rage Quit System will be implemented with the April update, so if you're a sore loser, you're gonna pay the price…

Here's a nice little compilation of the newly released Guile images: