Sony and Naughty Dog haven't been shy about dishing on the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End .

But in a new Twitch livestream , the developer handed out the mother lode.

Communications Director Arne Meyer and Game Designers James Cooper, Nicholas Lance, and Zied Rieke gave us a ton of awesome details concerning the hugely anticipated title and the work behind it. You can see a complete summary of the event at DualShockers but here are some of our favorites; specifically, I'm intrigued by the details concerning level design and the more open-ended exploration:

The developers created a sort of “interrupt system” for conversations on the jeep. It stops conversations when you leave the vehicle, and then they restart naturally when you come back. Conversations can start and stop over and over, and it feels very natural.

Around the time in which Uncharted 3 was shipped, Naughty Dog had a very scripted prototype of a vehicle. It didn’t really look like what Uncharted 4 has, but it allowed the developers to start determining what they wanted from adventuring with a vehicle in an Uncharted game.

There was a lot of testing on how big the open spaces where, in order set objectives for those spaces.

If you want to go around on foot you can go really far, and leave the vehicle behind by quite a lot. It depends on where you are in the level, but the developers want to encourage player choice on whether to move on foot or drive.

The game has a “pretty significant length.” In most cases you’ll be playing longer than in the first three games. It’s a “pretty meaty game” and since when it went gold, it’s been taking Meyer a long time to play through it, longer than he expected.

Photo mode can be accessed with R3+L3, and can be turned off. You can see the full pause menu below.

Okay, this game is going to rule. …as if we didn't know that already, right?