We haven't seen a deal this good since the holidays.

If you're still in the market for a PlayStation 4 and the 2016 slate has convinced you of a purchase, you should really consider this fantastic PS4 bundle.

It can be found at Newegg's eBay page : It's a PS4 that features three games for the low price of $390, which essentially means you're getting three very new titles for only $40, as the normal retail cost of the system is $350. And the games rock, too; there's the hugely popular Star Wars: Battlefront , the award-winning Fallout 4 , and the recently released – and very solid – Dark Souls III. The best part is that these three games deliver huge bang for your buck; if you love 'em all, you could very well spend most of 2016 playing 'em.

This bundle is currently in stock but it might not be for much longer, so you had best act fast.