I have no idea why I have to make this little announcement, but I feel like I should.

It's no surprise to see the Ratchet & Clank remake scoring well with the critics . Insomniac rebuilt this original classic from the ground up for PS4 and…well, it's Insomniac. They rule. And so does R&C.

But I am seeing an extremely bizarre complaint in some reviews, even though the critic usually admits it's a minor "flaw." I've seen a lot of sentences that start with, "even though it doesn't do anything new" and "while you won't see anything you haven't seen before," etc. In most reviews, even ones that only award the game an 8, this seems to be the only complaint.

…did I miss a step?

Look, I know critics continue to be absolutely obsessed with the idea that every single new video game on the market has to be "innovative" or fresh in some way. I'm one of the biggest proponents of originality and innovation as well, but I'm not about to condemn tried-and-true formulas that are precisely what the fans want. One of the biggest failings of this industry in recent years has not been a lack of originality (take one look at the indie scene) but rather, the inability of certain developers to simply stick with what works.

Really, though, that's another argument for another time. In this case, we're talking about a remake of a classic title. A remake. Not a sequel. I understand that it's not a remaster and one could argue that a remake should change and improve on a larger scale, but Insomniac did update this game, and very significantly. It has quite obviously been spruced up from top to bottom and this includes the mechanics. Unbelievable new graphics and a completely upgraded control set, along with a bunch of new content. What more should we be asking for from a REMAKE?

This is all we want. Of course it's not going to introduce "anything new." It's not going to change genres. It's not going to alter the core and spirit of the game because then it wouldn't be a remake of a classic, now would it? Save your analysis of new stuff for a sequel, would you please? Let's at least be logical, for crying out loud.