After publisher Electronic Arts secured the rights to the sequel, we all knew it would be coming to PlayStation 4.

The original Titanfall was only available on Xbox One and PC, but nobody was surprised when EA said the sequel would "probably leave a bigger footprint." Yeah, a multiplatform approach was inevitable.

Now, EA and developer Respawn Entertainment have teamed up to deliver the anticipated project's first teaser trailer. Check it out below; it's only about 45 seconds long and certainly doesn't show off any gameplay, but it does kinda hint at the possibility of a single-player campaign. The first game didn't have a campaign and though Respawn has said in the past they didn't think Titanfall needed it, maybe we'll get one, anyway.

Also, mark your calendars because along with this debut teaser, we got a new date: June 12. At 1 p.m. on that day (a Sunday), Titanfall 2 will make its worldwide debut at EA Play. If you didn't know, it's the publisher's very own mini-E3 .

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