At the start of the year, we learned that Sony's PlayStation 4 was closing in on around 36 million .

Now, the new prediction is that by 2019, there will be approximately 108 million combined PS4 and Xbox One consoles in homes: 69 million PS4s and 39 million Xboxes.

This speculation comes from data featured in a Game Developers Conference presentation by World of Tanks developer Wargaming creative director and executive producer TJ Wagner. The data is now available to the public , and another part of the presentation cites the aforementioned 36 million PS4 units as well. Wargaming got these numbers from sources like Superdata, IDG Consulting, and IHS, if you're wondering.

It almost seems impossible for Xbox One to catch Sony's console at this point, but we've got a ways to go. And it'll be very interesting to see what happens if Sony really does produce a more powerful PS4 console (and if Microsoft follows suit). PlayStation VR could play a significant role as well.

Really, this generation is just getting going.