Ever since Square Enix announced the new demo , the developers have received plenty of flak for the lower-than-anticipated frame rate.

Well, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata has addressed this issue, along with a few other topics, in a recent JeuxVideo interview (as translated by DualShockers ).

He first confirmed that they'll start talking about extra content for the game this summer, and they're not interested in "ordinary DLC." He added that the PC version, which won't be ready for the game's September 30 PS4/Xbox One launch date, could "push the game to a new technical level." Tabata says when it does arrive, it won't merely be a port of the console version.

As for the frame rate, he said the team is working to optimize that problem even as we speak. …I'm sorry, but you've had many, many years to get this right, and you said – direct quote – that the FFXV Platinum Demo would let consumers see the "finalized graphics and combat and magic systems." This doesn't imply any frame rate optimization, I guess.

Whatever. Tabata recently clarified his 10 million sales goal for the anticipated game, and he says he wants FFXV's ending to generate plenty of emotion , though our community was evidently split on the issue .

Will you be getting FFXV later this year?