Which games earned top spots in the monthly digital sales charts for the PlayStation Store?

Sony revealed this information over at the PlayStation Blog , showing off the best-performing titles in North America for the month of March.

You shouldn't be surprised to see the extremely popular tactical/action game Tom Clancy's The Division topping the PS4 list, but you may not recognize the runner-up: It's Salt and Sanctuary , the 2D action game from Ska Studios that might remind you of Dark Souls . The fantastic Rocket League came in at #3, while MLB 16: The Show was in the fourth slot (very impressive, considering it launched on March 29), and Minecraft rounded out the top 5.

For PS3, Alice: Madness Returns earned the #1 spot followed by The Last Of Us and all three Uncharted installments. Not a shock, as all were on sale on the Store in March. The Jak and Daxter Collection was atop the Vita list, DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops III dominated the add-on charts, and Bully was #1 on the Classics list. Click the Blog link above for the full charts.

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 3