Accomplished developer Telltale Games has another promising project in the works.

Well, it's actually a re-release of an existing title but hey, we like anything Telltale produces.

The company has announced it will publish the 2013 survival/action game 7 Days to Die ; it will be available in both physical and digital format this June, and it's coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The developers will add new multiplayer modes, as well as skins based on the studio's award-winning The Walking Dead franchise. The first new multiplayer mode adds split-screen to the survival horde crafting game, and other modes, features and fresh content will be revealed in due time.

If you're unfamiliar, players have to craft, loot and explore to stay alive in a tough environment swarming with deadly zombies. It's a blend of first-person action, survival/horror elements and RPG aspects. Here's what Telltale senior vice president of publishing Steve Allison had to say:

"The Fun Pimps have redefined what the survival genre can be with unrivalled world-building, crafting, and character growth. With overwhelmingly positive user feedback for the PC version, we can't wait to expose a brand new audience to this exceptional and terrifying sandbox experience."

The Fun Pimps co-founder Richard Huenink reminded us that 7 Days to Die was a "labor of love" for the small team. After a very successful Kickstarter campaign and release on PC, the game went on to move 1.5 million units, and console owners will soon have their chance. The game should hold a $30 price tag and if you pre-order, you'll get five exclusive character skins from The Walking Dead , including Michonne and Lee Everett.

Ready to test your survival skills? Here's a live-action trailer to whet your appetite: