When Street Fighter V launched in February, we couldn't help but notice a disturbing lack of content.

The in-game store wouldn't be open for a few weeks, there was no standard Arcade Mode, and the full-fledged Story Mode isn't going to be here until June .

Now, executive producer Yoshinori Ono has responded to the lack of content criticisms. In a recent Game Informer interview (via GameSpot ), Ono said Capcom "underestimated" the importance of single-player features. Yeah, well, a lot of developers are falling prey to this.

Said Ono:

"I think it's safe to say that we underestimated the popularity of some of the single-player features. That said, we are excited about the two all-new single-player modes–character story and survival–and we have plans to continue to refine and expand onto those experiences."

The good news is that Capcom intends to work on SFV for a very long time. Ono says the game "is an evolving platform that will continue to get more refined and built over time." He also admitted that SFV released in February to coincide with the Capcom Pro Tour, a competitive gaming league featuring the franchise. And in retrospect, maybe the game shipped out…a little light:

"We understand that if we had more features ready at launch, it probably would've been better received by some of our more casual fans who tend to enjoy Street Fighter more via single-player content, as opposed to competitive play. There's a delicate balance between our hardcore and casual players. We understand that the game serves several needs and we'll continue to work hard to strike that perfect balance so that we can live up to our 'Street Fighter for all' mission."

'sigh' Welcome to the world where video games are rapidly becoming ongoing "services," which of course gives developers and publishers an excuse to release partially complete products. "Oh, that stuff is coming," is something we hear way too often these days.

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