We have already heard that Final Fantasy VII: Remake would likely be a multi-part series. But until now, fans and writers alike have only been able to speculate about what that would mean. The added side comments from Square-Enix stating that there would be some changes to accommodate the near 20 year gap between now and the release of the original has also caused a varied response.

Well now, thanks to a recent article in Game Informer focusing primarily on Final Fantasy XV , we now have a little bit of extra news, thanks to the piliaging efforts of NeoGAF user, Philippo , which perhaps won't come as a complete surprise.

Using the model of Final Fantasy XIII' s full-length trilogy, the team is planning on preparing 3 separate full length titles to contribute to the retelling. More specifically, they are aiming at each story to be a full scale 30+ hour RPG.

Whether those hours refer to story length from simply running straight through main missions or if that includes all side missions is still a mystery. Come to think of it, whether or not this game even includes side missions is still a mystery!

The other piece we've learned is that Kitase, Nomura, and Nojima have heard concerns about the supposed "changes" that they've propsed. They elected to clarify that they aren't changing everything, but that since they all worked on the original title, they feel they have the right to change whatever they want "while still making fans happy".

Lastly, although they weren't willing to give an estimate on a release date, they stated that they fully plan on each iteration of the remakes to have MUCH shorter development cycles than XV.

Well… that last part is certainly good news… although if you want to nitpick, that could still mean something close to 8 years.

What do you think? Is that basically more or less what you expected in regards to the 3 full-length games? I suppose it could work well like the .hack games of old. And perhaps it will make it more likely to leave less story on the cutting room floor.

On the other hand, are you nervous about the "changes"? Or do you have full faith in the three all-star developers who brought us the original in the first place?

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