Will Final Fantasy XV be the very last entry in the long-running and iconic franchise?

It'll probably depend on the success of the new game, right? It's hard to imagine Square Enix abandoning the legendary IP if FFXV hits their lofty sales goal , for example.

But for the sake of argument, let's say the new title, now slated to launch on September 30 , doesn't really do that well and ends up being the last Final Fantasy game. Where do you think this last installment will rank on the all-time series list? Fans have often ranked the games over the years and though it stands to reason that most of the recent entries don't make the list, Square Enix is quite clearly pushing the hell out of this fresh effort. They really believe they've got a winner here, and they evidently tried very hard to get it right .

Interestingly, if you ask any fan this question, the answer is almost always the same, regardless of whether or not they like what they've seen of FFXV . That's right, just about every single one of them say, "well, I don't know where it'll rank but it definitely won't be in the top 5." Even those who actually liked that crap-ass, horridly depressing demo say this. They're definitely going to play FFXV and they think it'll be a good game, but not a one believes it'll push its way into the upper echelon of FF titles. What does that really say about the series? Seriously?

I suppose we have to argue that the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia are playing too big of a role, that big-time fans of the PS1 FFs, for example, will never say a new FF is better, no matter how good it is. And I'm sure there's some truth to that. At the same time, I think we're all old enough, and have been playing video games long enough, to accurately assess a quality product. If FFXV turned out to be a great game, I'd call it just that, even if I personally despised it. And if I were to rank the games on a purely objective quality scale, I couldn't tell you where FFXV would fall. This could be very different than a subjective ranking, by the way.

Whatever happens, it almost seems like a universal truism among the fans that FF will not go out on a super high note, simply because most are just assuming FFXV can't possibly be as good as past efforts. And yet, people seem to be perfectly okay with a decent or even mediocre effort. Odd, that.