Many survival/horror fans are a little concerned about the future of the esteemed and iconic Resident Evil franchise.

But you can't go wrong with great remakes of the classics, as Capcom has discovered.

And in a recent Videogamer interview , series producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi says the goal of the upcoming Resident Evil 2 Remake is to "recapture the spirit" of the original game (well sure, shouldn't that be the ultimate goal of any remake?). He first cites his work on the GameCube remake of the first RE title, and then said it was also valuable for him to revisit that remake with last year's HD remaster .

But even more interesting is the fact that fan feedback for Resident Evil 6 helped the team mold the RE2 remake. Said Hirabaysashi:

"Every title brings with it learning experiences. And of course, I saw a lot of the feedback on Resident Evil 6 and have taken on board everything I've heard from the fans about the game and I want to show you what it taught me through the next experience I'll be bringing to you."

This gives us a glimmer of hope that Capcom will maintain this "returning to the roots of the franchise" theme for the next main entry. Though we haven't heard anything about Resident Evil 7 just yet, one wonders which direction they'll take, especially after all the positive RE remakes they've produced in the last few years, and the split decision that was RE6…