Atelier Sophie, the latest in the long running series of Atelier games will arrive on PS4 and Vita in June this year. Published by KOEI TECMO and developed by Gust, Atelier Sophie is considered "the new standard for the Atelier series" by Gust. Check out the Atelier Sophie announcement .

Atelier games are nearly 20 years old. The first, Atelier Marie, was released for the original PlayStation in May of 1997. Atelier Sophie will arrive on June 7th 2016, this time on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Atelier Sophie is the first Atelier game on the PS4.

Like previous Atelier games, Atelier Sophie is set in a town that feels a bit like a medieval European town, similar to other Atelier games. Sophie, a novice alchemist, possesses a mysterious book that seems to have all the knowledge of Alchemy she could ever need. This mysterious book also has a soul and goes on to become Sophie's mentor. How did the book come to be? You'll find out by playing to uncover it's origin.

The game looks to include the usual combination of pretty art work, engaging characters, turn based battles and of course an extensive item synthesis system. If you liked the Altelier games on PS3 and Vita, you'll want to keep an eye on this game.

Atelier Sophie is set for both a physical and digital release in North America and Europe, thanks to KOEI TECMO who are publishing. Watch out for the pre-order at your usual retailer.

Limited Edition

The fine folks at NIS America are working their usual magic to create an attractive limited edition of the game that's sure to please collectors of games.

The Limited Edition includes;

You can check it out the Limited Edition here .

Will you be helping Sophie to solve the mystery of her book?

Incidentally, this will be the sixth Atelier game on PS Vita. That's six good reasons to buy a Vita while you still can.

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