Well, it's a great video but all it does is remind us again that it is indeed Nathan Drake's last rodeo .

Naughty Dog has released the fourth and final video in its fantastic "Making Of" series highlighting behind-the-scenes content for the rapidly approaching Uncharted 4: A Thief's End .

This one is called "In The End" and here, the team talks about their experiences working with the award-winning franchise, and how the IP has evolved over the past ten years. And of course, they talk about waving goodbye to an iconic PlayStation protagonist. They add that because the characters in Uncharted 4 are so amazingly realistic, they should have an impact on the player. As lead artist Tate Mosesian says in the vid:

"As you play through the series, you do begin to develop an affinity for the characters and an understanding of what motivates them. I hope that this game brings that all to a nice crescendo. I hope people cry when they play it, and I hope they laugh when they play it."

In previous "Making Of" chapters, Naughty Dog talked about new and updated tech , and also how the acclaimed series got started back in the mid 2000s . And don't forget that Uncharted 4 has finally gone gold , so it's hitting PlayStation 4 on May 10.