Far Cry Primal is a great game but it isn't exactly easy.

Even so, the truly hardcore might want a stiffer challenge, so they'll be happy to know about a new mode coming their way via free update in April.

As confirmed at the Ubisoft blog , Survivor Mode is headed to Primal on April 12 and game director Thomas Simon said this super-tough mode will make everything, from the crafting to the exploration to the combat, "more realistic." You can even play it on any difficulty and enable perma-death…yeah, if you're crazy hardcore, you can try beating the game without dying even once.

Survivor Mode introduces a stamina gauge that will make your character weaker and slower as it drains. You have to sleep to restore the stamina to maximum. Also, you don't have access to the mini-map in this mode, and there's a cost to fast-traveling; food and stamina will be consumed. Crafting will take some time and when it gets cold, you have to craft warmer gear. The only good news is that your special Hunter Vision will actually be increased, making it a little easier to spot enemies and animals.

Lastly, the animals you tame won't be as powerful as they are in normal mode, and the more powerful beasts will have to be taken down to half-health before you can tame them. Hell, even the tamed beasts will be susceptible to perma-death even if you aren't! Good luck with that .

The popular Far Cry Primal topped the February software charts ; have you had the pleasure yet?

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