Sony ULTRA 4K streaming

Sony Pictures announced on Tuesday that a new 4K streaming video service will commence on April 4, 2016. The new service called ‘ULTRA’ will initially support Sony 4K TVs in the United States. You can read the full story on the official Sony News blog .

Sony Pictures believes that “consumers are rapidly upgrading their living rooms to 4K”. ULTRA will provide a ”premium viewing experience” for 4K movies and TV shows. ULTRA will support 4K resolution with HDR, so in addition to greater resolution, the picture will have higher contrast ratios and a wider range of color.

Sony is sweetening the deal by offering four free 4K movies to customers who purchase a Sony 4K TV with ULTRA this summer, in addition to offering an upgrade for customers who already own HD versions of select titles to 4K versions for a discounted price.

So, why is this being reported on PSXExtreme? PlayStation 4K.

The PS4K will be capable of 4K output, video playback and other features. It seems tailor made to provide a gateway into this ULTRA service for owners of non-Sony 4K TVs who have purchased a PS4K. PS4K should also support Ultra HD Blu-ray playback giving consumers with 4K screens another avenue into 4K content – through Sony’s family of products.

Playstation 4K could be Sony’s way to bring 4K content to many more consumers and at the same time putting Sony content front and center with services such as ULTRA, the movie/TV show sales on the PS Store, Ultra HD Blu-ray and PlayStation Vue all converging on PlayStation 4K.

Do services like ULTRA provide something consumers want? Will the PS4K make an excellent tool to bring 4K, and 4K video streaming to many more consumers?

Perhaps a larger question is what kind of Internet do I need to support all this?

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