As most gamers know, Sony had prepared to launch PlayStation VR in the first half of 2016.

But as we learned earlier this month, the new virtual reality initiative for PlayStation 4 won't be here until October . Why?

Well, according to a new Nikkei report (as translated by ), it all came down to sales expectations. SCE executive vice president Masayasu Ito said that in the wake of recently boosted sales projections, Sony realized they wouldn't be able to meet demand if they wanted to stick with the original release window. So, they pushed it into the fall to give the company more manufacturing time. Also, PlayStation boss Adam Boyes told GameSpot that the PSVR October launch would give Sony a "nice runway" into the holiday session.

Though not official, an unspecified source claims Sony expects to ship 1-2 million PSVR headsets by the end of the calendar year, and PS4 should hit 40 million in 2016 as well. The PSVR launch bundle went on sale on March 22 but it might be hard to find now, and we know it sold out fast overseas.

Our latest poll said interest in PSVR isn't crazy high but perhaps this community is an anomaly. ūüôā