It's always a good idea to know fact from fiction.

While Tom Clancy's The Division is indeed a great game, it's hardly a simulator. And YouTuber DefendTheHouse has decided to bust another set of myths (which is somewhat comedic).

Check out the new Mythbusters video below; it proves you can't actually save your ally by blowing them up, and it also tests the theory on the effectiveness of cornering enemies with mobile covers, and whether weapon talents activate by killing animals. It's all in good fun, really. This follows hot on the heels of the first Mythbusters video , which tackled topics like creating portable Smart Cover and if it's actually true that enemies won't attack you if you're in an elevator. I keep thinking they need to tackle a lot of other video games, don't you?

The Division posted a new five-day revenue record for publisher Ubisoft, and we've already heard of one extremely dedicated fan .

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